Where to use Video When Marketing Your Business

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Andrew Johnson - Marketing and Web Designer at Sonic Interactive SolutionsWhere to use Video When Marketing Your Business: There are 4 places to put videos that have proven to be extremely effective as marketing tools. Firstly, put videos on your website pages…embed them on the pages they are relevant to: about pages, landing pages, and product pages are just a few great locations for videos. ┬áSecondly, put your videos on YouTube; it’s the second largest search engine in the world, so your business should show up there if someone is searching for what you do or the product you make. Email campaigns have seen almost a 100% higher click through rate if there is a video thumbnail in the email that leads to a video. That’s huge! It almost guarantees people will click through and watch your video. Lastly, a newsletter is a great place to add additional video content….you already have existing customers that have the potential of being repeat customers….adding a video to your newsletter to them has been known to increase the chances of them repurchasing by 50%.

We love to make videos at SIS. If only there was enough time in the day to be able to make more!

There are 4 Styles of Videos that you can make to promote your business, and we posted a video about it.

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