Types of Videos to Promote Your Business

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Types of Videos to Promote Your Business: There are 4 main styles that are useful for businesses to make videos for. The first is a “promotional” video that is an on-location company profile video that showcases your business to potential customers. Usually we sit down and interview a few key people and then build the video from there. It’s a very effective way to convey what your business does without having to read off a script. The next type of video is a scripted video that is done with a teleprompter or voice-over. The main advantage of this type of video is that you can say more in less time because the script can be crafted to cut out all the fluff. A third type of video is a testimonial showcase; for this type of video we arrange to interview several happy customers so that we can take the best parts of each testimonial and put it into a short montage. Lastly, we use video to create a press release or product announcement because it can usually get over 50% more views than a traditional text based press release.

These 4 styles of video can be a good investment of time and money if they are done correctly. Contact us at Sonic Interactive if you want to learn more. We produced this video and 5 others all in one morning at our office.

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