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In the competitive world that we live in, having a website is must for almost every business. For some businesses the website is merely an online business card while, for others, it’s an extensive website that beautifully and concisely shows off the company’s products and/or services.At Sonic Interactive Solutions, our goal is to make you Look Good. We’ll work with you to create a website that looks beautiful, works flawlessly, and is searchable by all the major search engines. We’ve made websites for a wide variety of clients; from forestry to cleaning products, elementary schools to ski hills, industrial mechanics to health societies, universities to small businesses, lawyers to non-profits. One thing is in common among them all; they look good. Feel free to drop us a line and we can discuss what you need. Quotes are free.

We started doing web design in Prince George BC, but within 6 months we had already created websites for companies across Canada.

What’s in a Good Web Design?

First of all, there are several things your website should do: Be findable, be informative, connect, sell, and impress.

Second, the website design should not get in the way of the user experience…it should enhance it. A great website design will work on all devices (laptops, desktops, tablets, smart phones, etc). The website should be pleasing to the eye, but also not so busy that it detracts from the content that is on the page. Content is king, and the best thing you can do for your website is spend time putting good content on there.

Third, a good website design allows for easy indexing by search engines, shareability, and easy navigation to all pages of the site.

Our Philosophy

We like to do good work. We like to make sites that we’re proud to put in our portfolio. We LOVE to see our clients succeed and we are excited to create a site for them that will help them do that. We value the importance of measuring success and have strategies for deploying a website to be able to measure just how effective it can be.

“Basic Site”?

We get a lot of requests for websites that are just the basics. The truth is, a basic site is not going to help make you successful….it will just end up being an expensive digital business card. There’s no point in making a website for your business unless the website is going to help you make more money. A basic website won’t get noticed by search engines and will be limited in what it can bring for new business. This is why our base website price includes everything we think is needed in order to make your site successful and help you to be more profitable.

The truth is, a basic site is not going to help make you successful.Andrew Johnson - Owner at Sonic Interactive Solutions

Inbound Marketing

We’ve written several posts about Inbound Marketing (here is a link to an intro post). You can also read a bit more about inbound marketing hereThe way people use the internet is changing and evolving. It’s important to have a website that can take people from where they are (search engines, social media, forums, email platforms, etc) and bring them to you. Creating original quality content on a continual basis can help you do that. We specialize in setting clients up with an inbound marketing strategy, and we have the ability to put it in motion for you (ie you have to do very little work on your end).

Value For Our Clients

When your site is launched, things just don’t end there. We keep in touch, we provide informative emails on new technology and trends that clients can take advantage of, and we make sure that our clients are happy. We can also periodically do a stats analysis on your website to see where your traffic is coming from and what could be done to help increase relevant traffic to your site.

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