Below are some videos we’ve created over the years. Under each video is a short description of the details involved in producing the video.

Kode Contracting

We created several videos for Kode Contracting in conjunction with launching a new website for them. We really enjoyed going out to several sites and filming their process in order to make these videos. After the filming, we wrote up a narration script and edited the videos to go along with the script.

Common Ground

This video involved collaborating with the client and creating a common script, casting each person and picking an appropriate location to record them, recording all videos in High Definition with isolated audio and consistent colour correction, recording b-roll in various locations, recording various time-lapses from around the city, animating the titles of the intro footage, and editing the footage in it’s final form including properly licensed music.

Catholic Independent Schools

The Catholic Independent Schools of the Prince George Diocese are looking to hire some new and talented teachers for the upcoming school year, so we interviewed 8 people from the PG Diocese and got them to explain why they are teaching or a part of the Catholic Independent Schools.

Lumisave Industrial LED Lighting

Lumisave completed designs for a new Universal Mount for their Industrial LED lighting fixtures, so we created a quick overview video to show what it is and the features it has. Yes, that’s my voice.

The Humanity Exchange

This video involved recording Allison on a green screen in order to have the footage of her speaking over top of the graphical background and written information that went along with what she was saying. A teleprompter was also used in order to make it easy for Allison to say what she wanted in a short period of time.


This video involved the animation of an idea in Adobe After Effects, the graphic design for several parts of the video, and some b-roll footage. It also incorporates short animated logo at the end.

 Flagship Accounting РAbout Video

We interviewed several staff at Flagship accounting in order to get a good company profile for on their homepage. We filmed the interviews and b-roll for the video as well as acquired licenses for the music.


We created this video for the homepage of so they can have a quick and clear explanation of what Shopscotch is and how it works. The video was animated in Adobe After Effects and put together in Premiere. You can view more videos we created for Shopscotch here.


Northern Uganda Development Foundation – Documentary

Above is the About video for the NUDF website, however, the full documentary can be viewed on their YouTube channel. We shot all the footage, took all the pictures, wrote the script for the videos, had an NUDF theme song created, and did all the editing to create the final videos.

AAA Credit Counsellors

AAA Credit Counsellors needed a new website design and about video. We helped them write a short script that would be easy to watch. They saw a dramatic increase in traffic to their website after we re-launched their site, published new photos, and produced this video.