Custom Photography

Photography is a pretty big part of web design for many reasons. Having high quality, legitimate, intriguing photos of your people, products, location, and services will really help your website to shine and build trust with the people visiting your site.

Corporate Photography

It has been said that “a picture is worth a thousand words”. At SIS, we agree. It is very important to us that the pictures we use say the right thousand words. We love making websites loaded with visuals and as many pictures as possible. We feel that when our clients allow us to take custom photos of their business and products it lends consumer trust and loyalty. All of the photos on our website have been taken by us and we recommend to our clients they use stock photos only if absolutely necessary. By using photos of yourself, your business and your product on your website you build consumer trust. Our sister company The BIG Picture can satisfy any media need you might have. Take a look through our photo gallery and see for yourself.

Corporate Photography for Commercial, Industrial, and Professional businesses can be broken down into the following categories:

  • Product photography
  • Services photography
  • Location photography
  • Staff Photos

Product Photography

Having pictures of your products is a no brainer for anyone wanting to educate customers or sell products online. Everyone wants to see what they are buying before they purchase, and having quality photos of those products is a must. We have the studio space to photography small to large products as well as enough on-location studio equipment to take epic photos of an industrial sized dump truck. For more information about photography, read some of the posts on our blog about photography.

Services Photography

Photos are very important for any type of visual project that we work on. Most of the time it’s not acceptable to use stock photos, so we’ve found that taking our own photos for clients gives a professional, beautiful, and custom look to a website or video project. Brochures, training videos, and website photos all have a much more profound effect when they are created with custom photos tailored to the content and context of the media. Taking photos that show you performing a service is a really great enhancement to a services page. The trick is to get interesting photos of that service and convey it in the right way. Our creative team is awesome at coming up with new and interesting ways to relate a service in the form of a picture.

Location Photography

If you are a local company and you have customers, clients, or other business people coming to your location it’s always recommended to have location photos and office photos on your website. It promotes legitimacy and allows leads or new customers to feel more comfortable working with you. If you have a great building, a nicely designed office, an impressive fleet of vehicles, or anything on-site that is interesting it’s worth having photos of that on your website somewhere.

Staff Photos

Letting your clients get to know you and see you on the website can be a great advantage. It provides a personal touch. SIS can provide portrait photos of all your staff if you require them. For companies that have seasonal staff or a high turnover of workers, we can take individual pictures of each staff member and then composite them into one “Team” picture. As employees come and go, we can remove the ones leaving and add in the new employees without having to re-shoot a group picture. We’ve already found this very useful for clients even though we only started implementing this concept in the spring of 2013.