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Product photography tips for small businesses

A lot of small business owners have various products that they sell, and they often have sub-par photos on their website of each product. The reality is that you can get a significantly better product photo if you control your lighting conditions a little. Here are a few product photography tips that will help you take better photos:

  1. Get a tripod to take the picture. This does a lot of things for you:
    1. Reduces camera shake and blurriness because the camera is locked down.
    2. Allows you to have repeatable shots for when you are taking pictures of many different things one after the other.
    3. Allows you to be in the shot if your product requires human interaction (just set the timer).
  2. Stand back and Zoom in. First have your subject about 10 feet away from any background items. If you move your camera far away from your subject and then zoom in as much as you can to get the subject in the frame, the lens will blur out the background and help isolate the subject and make it easier to look at. See the example image below.
    An example why standing back and zooming in to items gets you a better picture.

    Which is better? Both photos were taken with a point and shoot camera sitting on a tripod.

  3. Lighting: you want to take pictures in a place where you are getting light hitting the product from top sides and front, so taking pictures of your product outside but in the shade with shady areas in the background will get you a better result.

If you use those three tips, you’ll get much nicer photos. Of course, if you can afford it, it’s well worth it to have professional photos taken of your products. That way you’ll be sure to have the colour and texture of each item be captured correctly.

Bonus Tip: If you have a turn table, put your product on the turn table to take pictures of it so you can rotate it and get multiple angles quickly. ALSO, while you’re at it, record a video clip of the item rotating around. Having a video clip demonstrating your product dramatically increases the probability that your customer will buy your product online (up to 85% more likely!).

Bonus Resource: Pixpa has created a more in-depth article “Top 6 Product Photography Tips for Beginners – The Ultimate Guide: product photography guide

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