How to Fix Videos with Audio Drift from Variable Frame Rates

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Sometimes you record your screen and the screen recorder records at variable frame rates. When you try to edit the video in a program like Adobe Premiere, the audio starts to go off sync from the video...I like to call this "audio drift". The video is recorded in a variable frame rate and needs to be converted to a constant frame rate in order to be edited. This video shows you how to convert to a constant frame rate.

In this video, I also go over how some phones record in "High Efficiency" formats that aren't always editable in editing programs. We can convert those as well so that you can use them to edit.

Lastly, we can change the iPhone recording settings to use a different format so we don't have to continue converting videos.

For anyone who wants to record their screen for a tutorial, but then edit the video afterwards, the information contained in the video about variable frame rates and constant frame rates will help make your editing job much easier. 

3 Comments on “How to Fix Videos with Audio Drift from Variable Frame Rates”

  1. Handbrake hangs and brings my workstation to a standstill. Why does everyone advocate this program?

  2. Yes!!! Handbrake worked perfectly. I’ve used Handbrake many many times but never thought about using it to resolve this issue. Thank you so much

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