Custom Print Production for Miracle Reed

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Custom Print Production for Miracle Reed

Custom Print Production for Miracle Reed

We had  a great time taking pictures of Miracle Reed back in the summer of 2013. The purpose of the day-long photoshoot was 3-fold:

  1. Photos for the book cover of her new book When God Vetoes Your Plan
  2. Photos for her website and online promotion
  3. Photos for print so that Miracle could have promotional materials at book signings and other events

Here are some of the final photos from the day:

When it came time for Miracle to start publicizing her book, she needed a banner printed that she could travel easily with, so we got a local company to print up this banner:

Miracle Reed - Custom Print Production - Life size banner

The results were awesome! The studio pictures that we got of Miracle in her business suit were high quality and so clear, so when we blew her picture up to larger than life size it really printed well on the banner. We just love doing this kind of custom print production. Here’s a picture of Miracle next to her banner after coming back from a trip.

Miracle Reed - Banner - A Life That Inspires

For several of our clients, their needs for photography only end up being for their website or promotional video, but most could really benefit from some studio or on-location photography that can be used for banners or other print material. Print is beginning to be less of a priority for the average business, but when you have a storefront or have customers that visit your location it’s always great to have signage and promotional materials to send with them check out our Print Production page to read more.


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