How to Make a Blog Post and a Youtube Video at the Same Time

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how to create a blog post and youtube video at the same time

Ok, so here’s a quick and dirty way to make a blog post AND a YouTube video without having to do very much work.

  1. Write down some point forms about what you want to talk about and make sure you are specific and helpful. YouTube is great for how-to videos, informational videos, and entertainment…so pick one of those categories and go with it. Choosing a Long Tail Keyword about your topic is going to make it easy for you to start showing up in search results.
  2. Record your video of you presenting the information.
  3. Edit the video to take out extra stuff (and any “um’s”) that you don’t need. Be sure to NOT add in any background music just yet
  4. Render your video and upload to YouTube as unlisted. By uploading the video without background music, you are making it easier for YouTube to auto-generate closed captions.
  5. Render your video again with the background music (that’s royalty free) so you can upload this one and make it public
  6. Once the unlisted video is uploaded, save all your changes and wait a little while. YouTube is generating some closed captions for you.
  7. Go into the Video Manager of YouTube and edit your closed captions to match what you said.
  8. Save the closed captions after you’ve edited them and then export it as well. You’ll get an “srt”file.
  9. The closed caption file is just a text file that you can edit, but it has timecodes in it, so go to and convert the srt file to a Transcript (txt) file.
  10. Now the txt file is ready for you to do some quick editing in your blog post editor and then you are ready to publish.

Now you’ve got a video about your topic and a blog post about your topic. I’ve just described how you can make a blog post and a YouTube video at the same time, but there are several other things you can do to make this even more effective.

Here are some extra things you can (and should) do:

  1. Add in a good title and description to your YouTube video to make sure it gets indexed by YouTube’s search engine.
  2. Add a couple photos to your blog post to enhance your content
  3. Embed your YouTube video at the top of your blog post
  4. You can do several other SEO steps in order to make the page and YouTube video even more searchable from Google.
  5. Use a good external mic when you are recording your video. The better the audio quality, the easier it is for YouTube to convert your voice into text.

So, why would we want to make a blog post and a YouTube video at the same time?

Well, if you are a business where people search for what you do or your product, you want to show up in search results without having to pay for AdWords. So, creating content that is about the keywords that people are searching for (and that you provide as a product or service) will help your website show up higher in search results. This strategy of content creation is a long term solution, but also takes a while to establish yourself. So, in general I recommend doing both AdWords and Content creation at first until you get established in organic search, and then you can back off on the paid ads.

This method of creating a YouTube video as well as blog post is a quick way to get 2 types of content out there; both of which are quickly found by search engines. This method will make it easy to create content without having to do a lot of typing.

If you get good at it, you can start making LOTS of videos about your topic and keywords…and then have an editor from edit the captions file for you to make it nice and make it more clear. It’s a small investment that could give you huge results over your competitors.

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