7 Reasons Why Businesses Should Blog

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7 Reasons Why Businesses Should Blog

Businesses Should Blog

Here are 7 reasons why businesses should blog:

  1. Search Engines like fresh content, so you’ll be more likely to come up when people search for your products or services
  2. It adds value to your site and an opportunity for you to engage with people who are looking for what you provide
  3. It is the beginning of the sales funnel where you can turn visitors into leads
  4. It establishes that you are an authority on the subject(s) you are writing about
  5. It helps you to outrank your competitors
  6. It helps you know your product and field in a deeper way by getting you to write about it
  7. It’s the online “word of mouth” that will keep working for you on the weekends and at night when you are sleeping.

So, what do you blog about?

There are many MANY resources out there that will help you, but here is a list of a few things any business can write about:

  • Write about your products and how they work, make a video, create a tutorial, explain a process
  • Write about your services and how they work, what people do, what customers should expect, etc
  • Write about your industry and relevant topics
  • Share your opinion about approaches to solving problems in your business/field/sector
  • Make a list of Questions and Answers that you often have to explain to customers

For more ideas, visit Hubspot’s blog where they explain how to turn one idea into many blog posts.

Then what?

Analyze your posts. Look at the stats. See where people are coming from and what they are doing. Refine your posts accordingly. If you find that you have a great post that attracts a lot of traffic, but you are not getting any more business from it, you should analyze that page and see what’s missing. Do you have a call-to-action on the page? Do you have a next step for the visitor to take? Do you have a relevant offer you can provide them? Think about why a visitor would be reading your post and then try to think about what they might want to do next.

What happens if I don’t have time?

If you are a business owner, you probably have ideas for marketing content from time to time, but rarely have enough time to implement them and get them online. What most marketing agencies need is that initial idea from you…after that, they are capable of taking that ball and running with it for you. They just need that domain knowledge that you have to write about what’s important.

We’re here to help! Sonic Interactive can help you keep your blog in motion with our Content Writing Service.



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