How to Increase Productivity for Your Small Business

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Increase Productivity by giving yourself more time

Increase Productivity by Giving Yourself More Time I always find myself spending too much time doing things that don’t make me money, so when I find a tool that will save me time and help me be more efficient with my time, I jump on it. Here are 4 things that I use to make my life easier when trying … Read More

5 Steps to Online Promotion

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Online Promotion – Let’s Get Started What’s involved in an online promotion of your product or website? A LOT, actually. Here are some questions to think about: SEARCH: What is going to get your site to show up when people search for what you are providing? ADVERTISING: Is it worth it to pay for advertising on Google, traditional media, or … Read More

5 Tips for Updating Your Website Design

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Ok, so you’ve had the same website for years and it has worked for you in terms of an “online business card” but that’s about it. It looks old, however, and isn’t that enticing to read through anymore…so you should probably think about updating your website design a little bit. Here are 5 things you can do to get your … Read More

George Leven – Raising the Bar

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At Sonic Interactive Solutions we love being able to provide ALL the services our clients require to have amazing websites. We were recently contracted to do a web site for a lawyer named George Leven. We had so much fun with him!! Now, I hate to sound like I stereotype people, but I never thought that working with a lawyer … Read More