AAA Credit Counsellors (Before and After)

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Before and After screen shots of AAA Credit Counselling Website

It’s always very rewarding to completely redo a website for a client and immediately start to see better results. For AAA Credit Counsellors, that was exactly the case. They were getting 9 hits a month on their previous website….and after 15 days of our new design and optimized pages they have seen over 50 visitors and 200+ pageloads. That’s a … Read More

Custom Print Production for Miracle Reed

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Custom Print Production for Miracle Reed

Custom Print Production for Miracle Reed We had  a great time taking pictures of Miracle Reed back in the summer of 2013. The purpose of the day-long photoshoot was 3-fold: Photos for the book cover of her new book “When God Vetoes Your Plan“ Photos for her website and online promotion Photos for print so that Miracle could have promotional … Read More

DIY Product Photography

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DIY Product Photography “Studio” At SIS we have a bunch of studio equipment to take professional quality pictures of products. Our equipment allows us to get perfectly correct captures of the products and their exact colours, but for most small businesses that are just starting out, they can’t afford those types of photos. So, I decided to make this quick … Read More

What Video Hosting Service is Best?

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What Video Hosting Service is Best?

There are many different video hosting services out there and each have their strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes it might be tricky to figure out what video hosting service is best. When I’m dealing with clients, I often default to one of 3 different services (to keep things simple). In fact, for most clients that I setup video hosting accounts for … Read More

How To Write Content That Shows Up In Search Results

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How To Write Content That Shows Up In Search Results

How do you write content for your blog that will get you a good ranking in search results? As a small business, I don’t have the man-power to write article after article related to certain keywords that I want my site to show up for in search results. Certain keywords are just not attainable. Here’s what I mean; the keywords … Read More

How to Create Successful Blog Post Titles

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How to write successful blog post titles

When Peter Merholz of first coined the term “blog” in 1999, as CNET reports, he probably did not know he was creating a name for a new writing platform, one that would have fingers in marketing and information technology. Whether it’s a personal blog, a business blog or a web-based journal article, Internet writing requires engaging titles that are designed to … Read More

Anatomy of a Good Blog Post

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What is the anatomy of a good blog post? A great title Here’s the trick, you need to make it witty enough and interesting enough to entice someone to click on it, but also not obscure enough that people won’t find it when they are searching for it. If you are going to rely purely on it being shared online … Read More

7 Reasons Why Businesses Should Blog

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7 Reasons Why Businesses Should Blog

Businesses Should Blog Here are 7 reasons why businesses should blog: Search Engines like fresh content, so you’ll be more likely to come up when people search for your products or services It adds value to your site and an opportunity for you to engage with people who are looking for what you provide It is the beginning of the … Read More

SEO Your Website

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How to SEO Your Website

This is the second step of a 6 step series for setting up your site to work with Inbound Marketing. For more information, read this introduction post. What do you need to do to SEO your website? It is a pretty large task to SEO your website if you have a decent number of pages. Like all things that are a … Read More