Designing for Mobile First Leads to Better Conversions

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Designing for Mobile First

It’s simple math. 60% and growing users use a mobile device to do things on the internet. If your website isn’t designed for mobile first then you are missing out on a opportunity to convert that visitor into a lead or customer. Every bit of content you put on your website should be helping you accomplish your business goals for … Read More

Local Search, Paid Search, and Online Directories

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Local Search, Paid Search, and what it means

So, what are we seeing when we do a local search? First, there is often a map that comes up with many relevant businesses all listed. These businesses have registered their details with Google via a Google+ page or Google My Business Center. This takes some time to do and there is a verification process, so the likelihood of this … Read More

Social Media IS Word-of-Mouth

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Word of mouth is the best form of advertising. Hands down, every business owner will tell you that. The reason why word of mouth advertising is the best is because it is a referral. A person has a need and someone they know recommends a business that can fill that need. A recommendation from someone you trust weighs MUCH heavier … Read More

Where to use Video When Marketing Your Business

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Where to use Video When Marketing Your Business: There are 4 places to put videos that have proven to be extremely effective as marketing tools. Firstly, put videos on your website pages…embed them on the pages they are relevant to: about pages, landing pages, and product pages are just a few great locations for videos. ┬áSecondly, put your videos on … Read More

Types of Videos to Promote Your Business

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Types of Videos to Promote Your Business: There are 4 main styles that are useful for businesses to make videos for. The first is a “promotional” video that is an on-location company profile video that showcases your business to potential customers. Usually we sit down and interview a few key people and then build the video from there. It’s a … Read More

SEO for Industrial Companies

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SEO For Industrial Companies

SEO for Industrial Companies is important. I have lots of clients that ask me how to get more traffic to their website via search engines for search terms that they are interested in. They want to show up on the first page of Google but don’t know what’s involved in getting there. In general, there are two answers: Search Engine … Read More

5 Reasons to Have Good Content

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Reasons to have good content - writing

5 reasons to Have Good Content 1) No one likes BS. Cut the fluff, your audience will appreciate it. If your website is lacking good, information rich content, your visitors will notice. Have you ever read the description on the back of a wine bottle and thought “well, it’s probably awful wine. The write up is terrible”? 2) Establish yourself … Read More

Your Marketing Strategy Sucks

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Marketing Strategy

Let’s think about marketing a small business. On one hand, it’s a good idea to put yourself into a market where you don’t have as many competitors….that way, from a marketing perspective, you have less work to do in order to be visible to people who want/need your product or service. On the other hand, if you have a business … Read More

Inbound Marketing for Non-Profits

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Inbound Marketing for Non-Profits - Sonic Interactive Solutions

I’ve been doing a lot of research lately on inbound marketing for non-profits and charities. There are several charities out there that are doing great things with their online fund raising efforts using inbound marketing, marketing automation, and donor relationship building (Charty:Water is a great example). I set out to see what these successful charities are doing and more importantly, … Read More