AAA Credit Counsellors (Before and After)

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Before and After screen shots of AAA Credit Counselling Website

It’s always very rewarding to completely redo a website for a client and immediately start to see better results. For AAA Credit Counsellors, that was exactly the case. They were getting 9 hits a month on their previous website….and after 15 days of our new design and optimized pages they have seen over 50 visitors and 200+ pageloads. That’s a really great start because we know that people are ending up at their site from search engines. The best thing is, we aren’t even finished with their website yet, so the best is yet to come!

We still have a new About video to do and many additional pages and resources to add to the site, so once that is complete we should see an even better response. Admittedly, getting more hits on your website is not that big of a deal….but getting qualified hits on your website and Application submissions IS a pretty big deal, so that is our focus going forward.

For now, here are some Before and After photos of their homepage and a few other pages.



One of the things that really helps AAA Credit Counsellors website to stand out is the added touch of custom photography to their site. We didn’t buy stock images or cartoon illustrations….we spent an hour or so doing various pictures at their office in order to have a consistent look and feel throughout the pages of their website. What we ended up with is a very nice set of pages with David and his staff in all the pictures. We created our own stock photography! The best thing about going this route is that it goes very well with search engine optimization. Google has algorithms that look at photos across the internet and compare them; if you have the same photo as someone else they see your content on your site as a duplication of other content so they make it less relevant in search results. Having your own photos that don’t exist anywhere else on the internet looks very good to Google because they know you are putting out content that is unique. Now, I have added many photos from our photoshoot to this post below, but I have made them into a collage in order to not affect how Google ranks the AAA website because of the duplicate photos being shown here. A collage is a good way to showcase my work without harming the search engine ranking of my clients websites.

At any rate, here are a bunch of results  from our custom photography photoshoot.

Custom corporate photography - Sonic Interactive Solutions - Business Custom corporate photography - Sonic Interactive Solutions - Business Custom corporate photography - Sonic Interactive Solutions - Business

Want to look good? Call us and we’ll help you revamp your website and the photos on it to show off your business and bring you more clients.

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