5 Things Your Website Should Do

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5 Things Your Website Should Do - Purpose - Direction

5 Things Your Website Should Do

What is the purpose of a website? Why should you have one? If you are a business, you probably want a website to be findable online and let people read about your products or services. But, you really shouldn’t sell yourself short on your website. If you are going to go to the trouble of making a website, it’s a good idea to allow it to structure your site in a way that it’s going to be an income generating machine instead of just a “marketing expense”. If you do things the right way, your website can bring you qualified customers who are willing to pay what you are charging. It can be a bit time consuming, but it’s not expensive.

Here’s how it works:

A website has several purposes:

  1. Be findable online so potential customers who are looking for what you provide can easily find you: Search Engine Optimization, Fresh content on your site, business directories, reviews, referrals, etc.
  2. Be informative about your products or services so that visitors to your site know you have what they are looking for.
  3. Connect: make it easy for leads to connect with you in their preferred mode of communication: phone, email, twitter, facebook, pinterest, mail, in-store visit, etc.
  4. Sell: your website should help you to close a deal, allow customers to purchase from you, or prompt them to contact you. You want your site to do the initial part of a sale for you.
  5. Impress: this is your chance to show people why they want to use you or purchase from you. A website is the perfect place to show and tell people why you are different. Show your portfolio, your products, your services, your staff, your working conditions, awards, certificates, accomplishments, etc. This is where you need to analyze what your competitors can do and provide information and reasons on your website as to why you are better.

Next Steps

What to do next? The list above can take a LOT of time to complete, but if you work on each one individually, you can break them down into bite sized tasks. Here’s what I recommend:

Be Findable

Read our ebook “The Essential Step-by-Step Guide to Internet Marketing” to see what you need to do to your website to make it easily findable online.


Be Informative

Take one page per day from your website and expand on it so that it is informative. Brainstorm about small informative aspects of your business or products that could be used to post on a regular basis.



Survey your site and see how easy it is for people contact you. Do you have accounts on social media sites? Do your customers/clients use social media sites and is it appropriate for them to contact you using them?


Sell – Call to Actions

Look through your site, do you have buttons for: Call to Action, Buy It Now, Sales Sheets, Sales videos? Survey what pages could be the best to have a visitor become a prospect or buyer and add sales processes to those pages.


Brainstorm with others about what makes your business unique. Consider giving away information for free; it will show visitors you know what you’re taking about. Connecting to visitors on an emotional level can go a long way.

Contact Us

We can help you get up and rolling. A couple short meetings with us and we can get your site running like it should (and making you money!).

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