5 Reasons to Have Good Content

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Reasons to have good content - writing

5 reasons to Have Good Content

1) No one likes BS. Cut the fluff, your audience will appreciate it.
If your website is lacking good, information rich content, your visitors will notice. Have you ever read the description on the back of a wine bottle and thought “well, it’s probably awful wine. The write up is terrible”?
2) Establish yourself as an authority in your field of expertise
When you put out information dense content, it might feel like you’re giving away free information. You are! But upon doing so, you’re establishing yourself as an expert. You are demonstrating your vast knowledge on the topic you are writing about. There is, of course, a right and a wrong way to go about your giving out of information. There is no need to have an exact formula or step-by-step guide on your website. You do still want your website visitors to need you! It’s about giving out the right information and enough of it. Take this post for example; I’m giving you enough information for you to know that what you have on your website could be better. I’m also telling you a bit about how to get started writing awesome content. I’m not giving you a how-to tutorial. I have demonstrated that I know you need good content and some awesome reasons why I think that is the case.
3) It will keep visitors TO your site ON your site
Have you ever arrived at a website with no text, or little text and navigated away to find what you were really looking for? It happens to me all the time. The people who made the website realized they needed a website so they could have some kind of online presence, but they didn’t put in any effort to put good content on the site; Very brief descriptions, cheesy stock photos, standard graphic designs (or no design at all), and a layout to the site that makes a user guide for toilet paper more enticing to read. Put good content on your site, it will encourage people to explore more…and come back!
4) The questions your audience is left with will be worth answering (ie: they won’t ask you stupid questions)
If you are writing good content that answers some questions that your audience is looking for answers for, then the follow up questions that will come along will be worth answering. This is an opportunity to open a dialogue with a potential client/customer and show them you know your stuff.
5) Your audience will be impressed, satisfied and primed for up-selling

Having great content makes you an authority. If you do it right, people will want to subscribe to your blog, social media, youtube channel, etc. Once you’re connected with them through several avenues, it’s much easier to up-sell to them. In some cases, you won’t have to do anything…they’ll simply contact you to get started. Sounds like a pretty great sales process to me!

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